Midnight Cab

2015 - present

Bold souls on an adventure. About to bring into music all the secrets and untold stories of the young. We speak real life, put emotions in sound waves, and we play exclusively inspired by, through and for you - join us for the complete show.

Short story: We've all been there - taking a cab in the middle of the night, not sure what was going to happen next and ended up with countless untold stories and secrets, and adventures never to be forgotten. Or sometimes being just passengers isolated from the world outside, hidden from the city lights and lost in our thoughts for a while. Us 4 - we knew each other for a long while, but only at the end of 2015 we decided to take on this journey together. Join us, it'll be a hell of a ride!

Always open to opportunities of working with dedicated artists and being part of exciting, creative projects.

Magnum Opus

2010 - 2013

Was my first serious project, formed in 2010. Really good times, played along with a bunch of great guys between 2010 - 2013, organised our shows, took care of PR and kind of “led” the project. By the end of 2012, we were classed among the top 3 Romanian young rock bands, and we released a couple of good songs, some of which you can also find in the “Media” section of this website. Unfortunately, I had to leave the project behind moving to the UK, following my dream. You can find out a bit more about the story in the “My Story” section of the wbsite.

Rock Academy band

2008 - 2010

Was my first real band, really, formed by my guitar teacher when I was about 14. We played covers around the country, probably did about 15 shows together. Was good fun for that age, for sure!

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